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Borneo Sucker Loach

Borneo Sucker Loach

1-2cm Borneo Sucker.
Latin Name: Gastromyzon Borneensis. 

Water Quality:Will require a water temperature of 20° - 24°C and a pH of 6.5 - 7.5.

Compatability: Very peacefull and compatible with a variety of pecefull fish but do not keep with larger specimens that could consider the Borneo sucker to be prey.

Diet: Algae, Algae Pellets, Sinking Pellets, Blood Worms. A healthy source of algae on rocks, wood and decorations will greatly benefit the success of this species.

Borneo Suckers are native to the Borneo region of South East Asia and inhabit shallow, swift streams and rivers containing clear oxygen-rich water.
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