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Checkered Barb

Checkered Barb

2-3cm Checkered Barb.
Latin Name: Puntius Oligolepis.

Water Quality: Will require a water temperature of 20°C - 25°C with a pH of 6.0-6.5.

Compatability: The checkered barb is a hardy species that can be kept in community aquariums with other small not too agressive species. This species can be kept in most setups.

Diet:  As a Omnivorus species a mixed diet including meat based and vegitable matter for optimal nutrition. You can get food with such ingredients such as flake, small pellet, wafer mix and frozen or live foods.

The checker barb is a species of cyprinid fish endemic to creeks, rivers, and lakes in Sumatra, Indonesia. It has also been established in the wild in Colombia.
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