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Tiger Barb

Tiger Barb


3-4cm Tiger Barb.

Latin Name: Capoeta Tetrazona.

Water quality: water temperature will need to be between 24° - 27° C with a pH of 6.0 - 8.0.

Compatability: Tiger Barbs are considered to be semi-aggressive and will push around smaller vulnerable fish. They might nip at the fins of slow-moving tank mates as well.Outside of other Barbs, they should be kept with similar-sized species that are fast-moving, with short fins that the Barbs cannot nip and bite at. Best when kept in groups of 5 - 12 and wil help reduce fin nipping.

Diet: As a Omnivorus species a mixed diet including meat based and vegitable matter for optimal nutrition. You can get food with such ingredients such as flake, small pellet, wafer mix and frozen or live foods.

Tiger barbs are found in clear shallow waters of moderately flowing streams in the Malayan peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo region in Indonesia.They mostly like to hang out in the middle of an aquarium and consequently are mid-level feeders.

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