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Black Apple Snail

Black Apple Snail

Black Apple Snail 

Water Quality:  Will require a pH of 7.6 - 8.4 with a water temperature of 20 - 29°C.

Diet: Plant matter and vegetation like algae will be the foundation of their diet but Algae wafers and sinking pellets/flakes can help supplement their diet as well and ensure that your Black Apple Snails are getting enough to eat. Calcium rich supplements/foods will also help to maintain a strong healthy shell.

Compatability: Black Apple Snails are quite peacefull and can be housed with any freshwater fish, shrimp or plant species. They are mainly used by tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as a colorful means of waste management and algae control in just about any size freshwater aquarium.

Keep in mind Black Apple Snails will require a couple inches of open air above the water line which they will use to breath and lay eggs.
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