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Pakistani Botia

Pakistani Botia


5-6cm Pakistani Botia.

Latin Name: Botia Lohachata.

Water Quality: Will require a water temperature of 22°C - 30°C with a pH between 6.0 - 7.5.

Compatability: Do best when in groups of 6 of the same species. Can be semi agressive but do well with other peacfull species that are the same size. Will mostly keep to themselves at the bottom of the aquarium giving plenty of options to fill the middle and upper levels of the aquarium. Avid snail eater so don't keep with Snails.

Diet: Omnivorous so a mixed diet of sinking dried foods , live or frozen brine shrimp, daphnia and bloodworms are recommended for optimal health and coloration.

Pakistani botia actualy hail from the Ganges basin in northern India but are also found throught Nepal and surrounding areas.

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