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Marble Moray Eel

Marble Moray Eel

18-20cm Marble Moray Eel. 
Latin Name: Gymnothorax Tile

Water quality: 22-26°C, pH 7.0-9.0. Salinity should be kept between 1.005-1.008 for optimum health. Can be kept in freshwater when young but better moved into brackishwater.

Compatability: Highly piscivorous and will even strike at much larger fish on occasion so best kept alone. It can be maintained in a group provided the tank is sufficiently large and arranged in such a way that each individual has its own refuge.

Diet: A predator so will eat many foods offered such as prawns, krill, gammarus. 

Maximum Size: 60cm

Found across coastal regions of the Indo-west-Pacific, from India and the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, eastwards to the Philippines, and southwards to Indonesia. Here, these nocturnal predators are found in muddy brackish estuaries and marine waters, only migrating into freshwater to spawn.
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