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Mono Sebae Angel

Mono Sebae Angel


3cm Mono Sebae Angel.

Latin Name: Monodactylus Sebae

Water quality: 20-28°C, pH 7.2-8.4. Salinity should be kept at 1.005 for optimum health.

Compatability: A specialist community fish which can be kept with the likes of Puffers, Scats, Dragon Gobies, other Monos, and Archer Fish.

Diet: Flake, slow sinking pellets/granules can be given, but frozen foods such as Spirulina-enriched brineshrimp, mosquito larvae, Mysis shrimp, krill, prawns (chopped for smaller specimens) etc are preferred.

Mono Sebae are collected from the mangrove swamps and estuaries of West Africa, Gambia, the Canary Islands and Senegal to Angola.

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