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Asian Redtail Catfish

Asian Redtail Catfish


6-7cm Asian Redtail Catfish.

( Hemibagrus Wyckioides )

Water Quality: Will require a water temperature of 19°C - 29°C with a pH of 6.0 - 8.0.

Compatability: Likely to be agressive to most species. Will be aggressively territorial and incompatible with other fishes in all but the largest public installations and even then may attack its tankmates it’s also one of few freshwater fish that appear unafraid of humans meaning care must be exercised when performing maintenance.

Diet: Predatory feeds primarily on crustaceans and smaller fish and will accept live or frozen meaty treats such as blood worm, lance fish and daphnia.

Originate from the Maekong basin.

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