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Asian Sun Catfish

Asian Sun Catfish


5-6cm Asian Sun Catfish.

Latin Name: Horabagrus Brachysoma

Water Quality: Will require a water temperature of 23°C - 25°C with a pH of 6-7.5

Compatability: This fish will grow to 45cm.

Peaceful for its size and does well in a community of other placid, similarly-sized fish. It will eat any tankmate it can fit in its mouth, so be warned. Decent choices include larger cyprininds and characins, other big Catfish, arowana, datnoides and polypterus.

Diet: A not so very fussy omnivore that will eat virtually anything offered so a mixed diet of flake, pellet and live or frozen foods such as bloodworm, prawns and mussels will be required for optimal health.

It’s a nocturnal species, so provide dim lighting and refuges in the form of big chunks of bogwood, tangles of beech branches, large rocks or lengths of plastic piping of a suitable bore

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