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Dwarf Gourami (Pair)

Dwarf Gourami (Pair)

3-5cm dwarf gourami pair.

Water quality: Will require a water temperature of 24° - 28° C and a pH of 6.0 - 7.5.

Compatability: In terms of temperament, Dwarf Gourami are generally very peaceful and a great addition to community aquariums. However, Dwarf Gourami can become aggressive with other Anabantoids, such as bettas. Aggression will also break out if multiple males, especially if they are different species, are kept in a small aquarium. Aside from these exceptions, Dwarf Gourami display a docile nature when kept with other peaceful tank mates.

Diet: Dwarf Gourami are omnivores and need a varied diet between algae-based foods and meat-based foods. They will readily accept any flake, tablet, frozen or freeze-dried food.

Dwarf Gourami hail from sluggish, large rivers across Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and surrounding areas. Their natural habitat is lush in vegetation, so they love heavily planted aquariums with slow flow.
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