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Pingi Pingi Loach

Pingi Pingi Loach

3-4cm Pingi Pingi Loach.
Latin Name: Garra Pingi.

Water Quality: Will require a water temperature of 16°C - 24°C with a water PH of 6.2 - 8.0.

Compatibility: Pingi Pigi Loach are peacefull towards other fish but can be a little territorial with its own kind so best in a group of around 5 to avoid one loach being the only target of any aggression.

Diet: Although this species enjoys the micro-organisms found within algal growths in the aquarium they should also be offered a varied diet  mosquito larvae, brineshrimp, pellets and wafers should also be offered for optimal health.

The Pingi Pingi Loach originates from Eastern Asia where it is found in highly oxygenated swiftly flowing water.
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