Emerald Eye Rasbora

Emerald Eye Rasbora

1-2cm Emerald eye Rasbora.
Latin Name: Brevibora Dorsiocellata.

Water quality: 20-25°C, pH 5-7

Compatability: They make an excellent fish for a community tank and can be kept with a large range of tropical fish.

Diet: Small frozen foods such as mini-bloodworm, white mosquito larvae, cyclops, baby brineshrimp, and daphnia, plus crushed flake and micropellets.

The enchanting Emerald Eye Rasbora is known from heavily-vegetated, sluggish blackwater environments including shallow forest streams and peat swamps. Unfortunately,  however, much of its natural range is under threat from palm oil plantations. These fish are ideal for heavily planted softwater aquariums.